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Being Thankful

Sometimes I just look up and say Thank You, to no one in particular - so I address it to the lord.

There are so many reasons to be thankful and too few to cry about.
Yet, we always ask the lord - "WHY ME???"
We never ask that question, when we're doing good.

It's so rare that we remember to appreciate the good things that happen to us. I am not sermonizing at this point in time - just trying to understand why?

WHY do we always remain ungrateful?
WHY do we always say - FOR GOD'S SAKE ? - when the only sake we think of is our own?
WHY do we forget our childhood innocence and grow up to become stuck up individuals?
WHY do we partke of an Education, when it undermines us?
WHY do we overeat when there isn't enough for all?
WHY do we suffer when we know we don't have to?
WHY do we miss people when all we do is fight when they're aound?

Why am I still racking my brain for the answers? Maybe you'll have some...

I thought you have other happier stuff to talk about now man. Don't get philosophical-it causes hair loss.

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