Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Abnormally normal

Are we normal ?
I mean who are normal people ?

This is quite like the dodo - only that the dodo is extinct and the NORMAL tribe is getting abnormally small..closer to the dodo!!
Normal guys write blogs like this..
(I don't know Mr. Rauf - but his blog helps me understand him.)

A normal guy is the one who throws things at you,a normal guy screams at the TV after a dropped catch. He doesn't cry himself hoarse about how great he is. You just know it.
Oh - some normal guys also watch Star wars... and believe they're Luke Skywalker reborn.
I do believe - that the only personality I'd match would be Hans Solo.

Normal guys are not saints. They're the obverse.
But we get lost somewhere in the materialistic world and just forget life's simpler pleasures.

It's so easy to smile and keep it on.
Like Vrinda just emailed me - start smiling and then go out into the coolllld Delhi morning. The smile will freeze up and you can wear it all day long.

Innovation - wot say folks?

Coming back to being normal. So, how many normal people (Guys & Gals) do we know?
I know one - my dad. Yes- he's normal. At 56 he's normal.

I'm 28 - yet feel abnormal!!


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