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69 Boring Things About Me

(cuz i'm not creative enough to think of a different format)

1. I'm from Himachal
2. I live in and hate Delhi
3. I'm not married
4. I have no kids
5. I don’t drive
6. I am an Engineer and an MBA – soo very boring – I thought this’d be at No.1
7. I love loud music
8. I fucking love to talk
9. And saying "fuck"
10. I love getting driven really fast
11. My right leg just fell asleep and is all tingly
12. I love sci-fi movies
13. I have been in love 5 times – that’s Love!!!
14. I went to sleep outside my door one day in August
15. I need to get a tattoo
16. I love friends like family
17. I feel things deeply. too deeply sometimes
18. I love the moon
19. I love the ocean
20. I love experiencing new things
21. I love meeting new people
22. Sometimes I act drunk when I'm not, because I enjoy life so deeply
23. I love mommy and daddy and Tina
24. I love taking long walks.
25. I love the taste of beer
26. I lost my virginity at the age of 19
27. I lost my girl friend 6 months after that – because I didn’t lose it to her.
28. I am not bitter about the way things turned out
29. I am restless
30. I am a dreamer
31. I am a daydream believer
32. I do what I have to to get things done
33. I miss my friends at LG & LB
34. I was a good student, had no enemies, many friends
35. I wish I’d dropped out of college and started Microsoft
36. I love thunderstorms with lots of lightening
37. I love rain
38. I hate shallow people
39. I am shallow sometimes
40. I am a virgo
41. I was never a perfect employee
42. Sometimes I suck really bad at being a son
43. Sometimes i resent being me
44. I love running
45. I love dogs
46. I love climbing mountains
47. I love using my brain for really good stuff
48. I love guns
49. I love bubble baths
50. I love champagne on ice in bed
51. I loved my first girl for 2 years before she ran away
52. I was physically beaten for the first time when I got to engineering college
53. My first job was as a Projects Engineer
54. My last job was as a Project Manager.
55. I love dessert-- mostly consuming
56. I love eating in general
57. I love shopping in super markets
58. I love dancing
59. I have never fully recovered from my first broken heart even though it was sooo many years back.
60. I have some regrets in my life, even if i'm sometimes ashamed to admit that.
61. I have naturally falling hair
62. I love reading
63. I wrote in a journal every day--without fail--from when i was 18 until i was 20.
64. I blog at least once a day`
65. I hate narrow thinking, closed-mindedness
66. I am generally not interested in politics
67. I love orchids
68. I love ..yeah .. just love
69. Yeah, i love that...

I don't think that you are boring et all. There are some reasons which I am listing and I hope they will help you to be a lil more positive abt urself :-)

1. You are a very caring and a genuine guy.(thats what I have felt till now)
2. Bald is in fashion and you carry it well. Vaise bhi its said that when money comes, hair go.. so be happy. Who might as well be getting rich one of these days.
3. You have no attitude problems and no hang ups abt being a PM and thats what makes you so approachable....I am sure your team is gonna love you.
4. To me, you seem to be like an open book and some one whom I can relate to. Also I feel that you are not always in a judgemental mood.
5. You can't keep things from your friends and thats what is adorable abt u. It gives your friends the feeling that they know you very well and I think transperancy is a must in friendship.
6. Though I have never gone out with you still I feel that even you like enjoying life and thats something really nice. Live it to the full buddy....we are not getting any younger.
7. You are cute to look at and a welcome change from all the mommies around.
8. You have the nerve of sitting right next to "K" and thats commendable. I keep on getting the feeling that I am being watched by her whenever I look up.

Now some advise for you:

Though I havent said it but I have felt that somewhere deep down you are sad and are in a pensive mood. Just fuck the world buddy and be urself again. We all are there with you and value you. So just take care and chill :-)

Almost 90% of the stuff u've mentioned about urself begins with "I love" and you say you are boring?!!
Note: People who are in "love" with life can never be boring :)

Honestly speaking, I always thought that you are a very interesting person and I'd be most happy to add more interesting things to the list :)

One is, but are very frank and's easy to befriend you.

You are in tune with your sensitive side (Do note: Some women love that quality in a guy)

You say you've been in "love" 5 times...why just 5?
"It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" :))

I've always meant to tell you that I like the way you walk...sort of like a person in authority...very elegant

You are extremely self-motivated...I've always do you manage to blog everyday?!!

You are a bit critical about yourself and a perfectionist.
Don't be too hard on yourself. Life is a path surrounded by stones and flowers...but that's what makes the walk beautiful. Right? :)

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