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War and Peace

There are no winners in war - and then when peace arrives - there are only pieces.
Pieces that need to be pieced together again.
I wish 2006 is a year of Peace - peace in the world around me - peace inside of me.

Thoughts on the way home

Robert Frost composed awesome poetry when he penned down - Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening

I read this once in class X cos' it was a part of the syllabus.
Then I realized that I kinda seemed to remember it more often than the others.

Yesterday as I sat in the Cab on my way home - it struck me again.
It's like the life we lead - stopping and starting - but always going on.

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
We like to think no one is watching over us - that we are alone.

He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.
The moments that make life worth living.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
My mind looks askance - what is it that you're waiting for? There's no one here. Why the decision to stay and mull? Does it miss the beauty of the snowflakes idling downwards? The Heart stays quite because he has all the answers.

Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the ye…

Santas Gifts

Well-Christmas comes around every year!
Same Date too. I have a demand or two for the Old man at the north pole, each year. Never seem to get Santas gifts the way I want'em. Still I try - even reverse psychology when I think it'll work.
Getting aggressive is one part to it. Putting the other guy on the defensive is another. I mean - it'll work in the short term - never seen it succeeding in the bigger scheme of things.
Too much knowledge can be dangerous - or as would be a better form of expression - that which is not explained could be hazardous... How far will a man go to get what he wants. What principles will he adopt (or forego) to get that pot at the end of the rainbow?
Yes - there is no gain without the ensuing pain. Sacrifice is important.
But one sacrifice alone may not be enough - you have to persevere.
That is the key.

Just a gust

Corruption. Corruption is our protection, corruption keeps us safe and warm, corruption is why we win.
( after India wins the Cricket world cup - actually uttered in the film "Syriana")

Yeah, well, what's life without a few dragons?
( as I contemplate Project Deadlines - actually uttered in the film "Harry Potter 4")

It's not like I try to blow things up!
( Osama after 9/11- actually uttered in the film "Harry Potter 4")

Hell is overflowing, and Satan is sending the damned to us. Why? God is punishing us. You have sex out of wedlock. You have man on man relations, same sex marriages. How do you think your God will judge you? Well, friends, now we know. When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth
( People complaining about their Boss- actually uttered in the film "Dawn of the Dead")

No thinking - that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is... to wr…

69 Boring Things About Me

(cuz i'm not creative enough to think of a different format)

1. I'm from Himachal
2. I live in and hate Delhi
3. I'm not married
4. I have no kids
5. I don’t drive
6. I am an Engineer and an MBA – soo very boring – I thought this’d be at No.1
7. I love loud music
8. I fucking love to talk
9. And saying "fuck"
10. I love getting driven really fast
11. My right leg just fell asleep and is all tingly
12. I love sci-fi movies
13. I have been in love 5 times – that’s Love!!!
14. I went to sleep outside my door one day in August
15. I need to get a tattoo
16. I love friends like family
17. I feel things deeply. too deeply sometimes
18. I love the moon
19. I love the ocean
20. I love experiencing new things
21. I love meeting new people
22. Sometimes I act drunk when I'm not, because I enjoy life so deeply
23. I love mommy and daddy and Tina
24. I love taking long walks.
25. I love the taste of beer
26. I lost my virginity at the age of 19
27. I lost my girl friend 6 months after that – becau…

What's your Humor?

Doing a bit of heavy reading on sybols and their interpretations over the weekend. Bumped into the Hexagram - no - this is not witchcraft !!!
A hexagram is a 6 pointed Star, composed of two overlapping triangles. One pointing down and the other at the sky. This is a symbol you'd see in lots of places - across cultures. It is traditionally interpreted as the combination of the "watery" (cool) female and the "fiery" (hot) , male. These two signs coexist in the universe following the universally accepted principles of duality (good-bad , yin - yang : those are a separate story though). You'll be able to view this symbol on the flag of Israel - so it's also known as the Star of David.
Further reading revealed how this sign comprising the 4 vital elements came to be known as the sign of totality. Indian mythology too, carries what we'd know as the Yantra - a series of Triangle pairs inverted to one another
Coming back to the symbolism in our lives. We go abo…

What is wrong with me?

There's definitely something wrong.

I don't know what - can't put my finger to what. The only thing I know is the WHO -it's me.
No amount of looking elsewhere will help at this point.
I am accomodating. Extremely so. Then I end up getting hurt.I listen to the voices around me and take cues from them. Why?I talk a lot. Sometimes too many people know a lot about me. My extrovert nature lets me down. Then I make a fool of myself.I'm emotional more than I'm practical. The poor heart takes quite a pounding there.I go into a self-accusation mode when things don't turn out as envisioned. Then the depression starts building on me. My Intution is very very strong - but only for the things that don't work out. I knew it yesterday.My face is not for playing Poker. It gives away my emotions. Happiness & sadness - both!!I look to the lord when things go wrong - not for help or solace - just to tell him that I'm still around. You can throw whatever you want my w…

Prick it up...

No - this is not what you're thinking!!

Shakespeare has, "Tis now the prick of noon", in allusion to the mark on the Sun dial - made by pricking or indenting with a sharp instrument - that indicated 12 o' clock.

Did you know - the annual choosing of the Sheriffs in ancient England used to be done by the king - who pricked the names on a list at haphazard.

Ever felt like calling anyone a Pricklouse - an old contemptuous name for a tailor!!

Ever sang a Prick-song : That's written music for singing, as distinguished from music learnt by ear.

You've defintely had a Prick of the conscience , as you feel remorse and guilt for the past misdeeds. My conscience is always pricking me :-)

Somehow the one that I know best is when it's time to Prick up my ears and pay particular attention to follow what's going on. This is similar to a horse whose ears start twitching when it's attention is attracted.

Being Thankful

Sometimes I just look up and say Thank You, to no one in particular - so I address it to the lord.

There are so many reasons to be thankful and too few to cry about.
Yet, we always ask the lord - "WHY ME???"
We never ask that question, when we're doing good.

It's so rare that we remember to appreciate the good things that happen to us. I am not sermonizing at this point in time - just trying to understand why?

WHY do we always remain ungrateful?
WHY do we always say - FOR GOD'S SAKE ? - when the only sake we think of is our own?
WHY do we forget our childhood innocence and grow up to become stuck up individuals?
WHY do we partke of an Education, when it undermines us?
WHY do we overeat when there isn't enough for all?
WHY do we suffer when we know we don't have to?
WHY do we miss people when all we do is fight when they're aound?

Why am I still racking my brain for the answers? Maybe you'll have some...

Monday...I'm in Blue!!

So I'm not suffering from the Monday Blues.
Not this Monday at least.
The week begins and opens up opportunities @ work & in Life.

I'm only wearing the color :-)

I do believe this will not be as busy a day as I'd hoped for. And again I have my reasons for getting home as soon as possible- today. Someone is coming!!!

My training will commence tomorrow. That will be interesting.
At least I will be able to putin my 10 cents of value somewhere.

A tree starts off

Every Tree starts as a plant.
So started this.

This one has travelled from someone to me - from Mumbai to delhi - through extreme climate & a lot of shaking around.

Abnormally normal

Are we normal ?
I mean who are normal people ?

This is quite like the dodo - only that the dodo is extinct and the NORMAL tribe is getting abnormally small..closer to the dodo!!
Normal guys write blogs like this..
(I don't know Mr. Rauf - but his blog helps me understand him.)

A normal guy is the one who throws things at you,a normal guy screams at the TV after a dropped catch. He doesn't cry himself hoarse about how great he is. You just know it.
Oh - some normal guys also watch Star wars... and believe they're LukeSkywalker reborn.
I do believe - that the only personality I'd match would be HansSolo.

Normal guys are not saints. They're the obverse.
But we get lost somewhere in the materialistic world and just forget life's simpler pleasures.

It's so easy to smile and keep it on.
Like Vrinda just emailed me - start smiling and then go out into the coolllld Delhi morning. The smile will freeze up and you can wear it all day long.