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It's like the title says...

The wrong falling!!

Someone - a wise person (actually) told me I have 2 failings (amongst the many that are not so evident)
1.Falling for the wrong women
2.Seemingly impulsive action

The latter observations can be discounted as superior thinking - my point of view. Let me tell you about point number 1.

First lets identify the wrong woman. There's nothing like a wrong someone. It's just that me & she didn't match. Self pride doesn't permit usage of "wrong" for oneself. Hence the term wrong woman. I could be wrong though.

I am attracted towards members of the opposite gender. So i'm alright in the head& heart.
I find it easier to interact with them. They're so much more in synch with me. I'm attracted to lots of things about them - intelligence & looks being the primary ones.

My attention is not fleeting , my care is lasting, the communication is two way, the desire is insatiable!!

But when the moment comes, I can walk away, like the pretender who has gone to ice. I can accept that her faults are mine, that the decision to go was mine. I always leave her pristine white. It's my character that I blame for playing the game of houses.
I have never two timed a lady who reposed her faith in me. That's not me at all. I'm not confused to whom I want as a partner. It's just that this broken heart needs a soulmate rather than a business partner for life.
We must breathe one another...

So much for the needs.. Life is about adjustments - lots of them. I can live with that for awhile -but that's just it - awhile!!

That's probably why the so-called wrong women and my falling for'em. We come together for that fleeting happiness. I do know this - I feel that someday i'll meet her on the dance floor. We'll dance the night away under the stars and the moon. There'll be a light breeze, lending some movement to the stillness of the night around us. Words will not be spoken. Thoughts will be communicated. Feelings echoed as the bodies twirl in rhythm around a bonfire. Then I shall go on my knees to say... - she'll bring me back up because she knows...
Sutting on the beach as the waves beat the rocks... We'll catch the sunrise, starting life as one.

Someday - yes - someday .

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