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Tublu & the Leg

Shiladitya (a.k.a Tublu) is a gentle sole - I mean Soul!!
He has a thing for good Legs - especially if they belong to a Chick - oops Chicken!!

This is one of those days when I can't think straight.

Tublu "Bhai" is also a force to reckon with. Armed with his trusty ZIPPO - he moves around setting the worlds cigarettes aflame. He is capable of playing the DONs role to the hilt!!

He does have a very animated sense of Humour - at times!!

He is also a very nice , sensitive and humorous guy & above all, a great friend!!

PS : He is liable to lynch me after perusing the above!!!


where are the cracker snaps...

Hello I know exactly what you meant by chickkkeeenn...u guys bugged us (girls) at the get togethers and made us wonder what does it mean...
Tubs.....I din know u luv tangris so much ;)

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