Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Time to Play Catch up

I hate to play catch up...
which means i'm reactive, rather than proactive!!!

It only serves to cramp my style!!

Today - I'm playing catch up at work, at home, with the packers , with my boss and the accounts department. Goes without saying that I'm playing catch up with the client and the vendors too. Oh - did I forget the team??

The question is - am I playing it the way I should?

I look in for ideas. Can't find'em
I look out for ideas. Nobody is givin any. I thought advice came free. Obviously not the useful stuff. That resides in the "members only" area of all the sites. :-)

I can't even find the words to type out today. Somehow everything is getting ahead of me. Maybe I'm a little tired. A wise woman I know mentioned very crisply - " you provide you r own questions and answers". Jeez - that can be quite a thoughtfulll!!

I will write more later when i'm composed.

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