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Reasons to do...

Political and military reasons are the ones you should rely on, if you care to know what I think. They have self-interest behind them, and that makes them likely to last. Principles are pretty, but they go stale a lot faster.
Now, either that's wisdom or some of the most appalling cynicism i've ever written.
Whenever someone talks about doing things for reasons of justice, you should put your hands in your pocket, because you're about to get it picked.
Not all reasons are evident at the beginning. Observe carefully and thou shalt see the fires of reason.

What is it that makes us do what we do?
This question plagues my mind many a time.
Decisions are taken and actions made , seemingly on the fly. You call me impulsive. I agree. But even in that impulsive action - there is reason.

Have you ever done something because your heart wished or didn't wish? I have.
I will get close to someone based on the vibes I get, or run away and close all forms of communication if my heart feels constrained. It takes a split second for me to make that decision. I'm not discussing the rights and wrongs of my thoughts & actions. Yes - I have been wrong at times - but generally been the better for it in the life ahead. My actions leave the affected person(s) perplexed. It always comes like a bolt from the blue. But given time they're the better for it too.
I cannot explain all my actions except that I did what I felt right.

I don't say sorry. I have no regrets. And in any case - "sorry" never solved nothing.

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