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May the force be with you…

I can always put feelings to paper. When I feel something – the writing, the words – it all just flows.
A friendly voice advised me to write – detaching myself from the feeling of it. It didn’t make sense then. But as I pondered it over – a deeper realization dawned.
We all make a difference – some for the better, some for the worse (always relative). I presume I do things right – actually it could be wrong – try the other persons perspective. Raise yourself above the normal plane and then look at the issue. Forget about who is winning or losing. Understand the needs – winning might not even be a need.

Put yourself in a parallel universe and watch this one go by. I’d like to play God someday – why not today? Transporting oneself to another dimension doesn’t actually happen – it’s only about using the force inside of you and seeing things from a higher (if I may so call it) plane. It’s like Master Yoda would’ve said. Focus and let it come from within.

Now that the helicopter view has been established – what does it show me?
Well, the world is getting by – without a worry about what I do or don’t do.

I am a thread in the Wheel of time. We all have our individual threads – which get entwined for awhile – then move on. Sometimes they persist for a longer period. The wheel weaves as the wheel wills. Our destinies take us places – enemies become friends and vice versa.

On a daily basis we shift gears, moving between the management of life and it’s transactions. Transactions happen on a daily basis. They’re the basis for the larger picture – like tiles in a mosaic. So very often – we lose touch with the bigger picture as we struggle to put the tiles in place. Our lives get so caught up in the momentum of the workplace that we neglect our lives. The desire to rise becomes our motive to live, rather than the opposite.

It happened with me too. I would spend 16 hrs in office on a daily basis at work. Never ate on time and didn’t sleep too much either. All that my parents had instilled in me, seemed to be going down the wrong pothole. Then I met a few people – not saints in their own right – but each who spoke few words individually. Collecting those thoughts and integrating them to form a decision matrix – I decided to change. I’m still not back on the right path – but knowledge and self awareness is the first step to setting things right…

the pic reminds me of hrithik roshan's film ,....and the alien ,,,,

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