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I miss..

Yes , I am a sentimental fool.

I miss the good times and the people with whom I encountered them.

I miss the beaches of goa, the evening sit downs at Marine Drive , the long runs in Priyadarshini Park. I miss getting high and walking from VT to Churchgate - singing aloud!! I miss the hearty lunches at Mahesh lunch home.

(L-R) Lydia, Reshma, John, :-) , Paulette & Tony

I miss the all night dancing with a beautiful lady on me arms. I miss the quiet sunsets of Madh Island - staring into the horizon with just one thought - how does one preseve this moment forever?

My Life has traversed a long path in the last 28 years. I would not be able to remember all those I miss. But i thought it would be a good thing to try. The hits and the miss(es)- oh I really miss some of the miss' who walked alongside me from time to time. I wonder if they ever miss(ed) me... I miss them for no particular reason - other than the fact that sometimes I wished I had them around. Life would be better then.

So here no particular order...of those people with whom I have lost touch!!

D.S.Sudha - studied with her for 2 yrs at DPS RK Puram. Her birthday was 11th Sep - and hence unforgettable!! She was the class topper types and did her Engineering afterwards. I met her a couple of times after school finished. Even bumped into her on a Valentines day back in 1998. We were good friends during the school days given that there were 46 guys & 4 gals in the class. She left for the US for her Post Grads & vanished someplace.

Anshul Gupta - another one of my friends from DPS. We were the thickest of pals and kinda did everything together for those 2 years. I met him 4 years later after our engineering courses on one of his trips to Mumbai. He runs a Fire-fighting sales co. somewhere in Faridabad. We met that one time and never again. His birthday is 14th Feb & again very easy to remember.

Raghav Ramdev - this is a blast from the past. Raghav, Siddharth & myself constitiuted the Campion school quiz team, way back in 1993. Our Claim to fame was the semi-finals of the All India Limca Book of records quiz in Kolkata. We never got to the finals - that is another story though. He was a quiet boy, bright in academics and extremely soft spoken. We had a quiet understanding and were pretty good friends at that. He's gone missing since 1993.

Siddharth Rastogi - this guy was an all rounder, kinda like Adam Gilchrist if there could be an analogy. Great at sports, good leader, intelligent & part of the IN crowd. I never met him after school, but kept a track of him. He completed his engineering - followed it up with an MBA from IIM. Wonder where he is now?

Paras Bairoliya - a fashion designer today. He was the guy who designed Virendra Sehwags outfit for his wedding. This guy was a creative brain charming all the girls at school. He hailed from Shillong, spoke an accented english - that sounded quite Western, was good at observing the female hand :-) He was always a designer, drawing dresses instead of solving Physics. He got thru NIFT, Delhi in 95 , when we were all trying to enter the IITs & Roorkees. Always knew he'd make it someplace BIG.

Mayura James - One lady for whom I have searched this entire webspace, silently. She was my first crush - back when I was a 14 year old and she a year ahead at 15. I knew her as my fathers boss' niece. If I were to stand and ask the lord fr one thng today -it'd be the opportuity to tell her how I felt back then. She was and i assume continues to remain the most beautiful girl I have known. She also had the most pleaseing personality one could encounter. She had the ability to catch the eye of every male & female in a room at the age of 15. SHe always said she wanted to see me in a Tuxedo - oh that she could give me a chance - again!!


gaurav said…
Hey Arjun,
This is Gaurav Ramdev. Raghav's younger brother. Was just searching through random stuff and got to your page. Well Raghav- the person you lost touch in 1993 is very near to your current location. He's in Delhi, working for a Private equity major.

If you want more on this, lemme know. write me scrap on Orkut. Find me with the my name..Thanks. Godspeed.

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