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Saturday Night banter

Sitting at home on a Saturday night - Sunday early morning to be precise. I'm in a dilemma.
it's in such a form that putting my finger on the pulse of it ain't easy.

Here's the situation. I was out all evening with friends - very close ones at that. We did the evening walk, the dinner and the subsequent club scene. 2:30am - i'm home-alone.
But I don't wanna be all lonesome. Something is missing. She's not here in the physical form - but somehow I feel her -more so the lack of her.

The evening came along well. But I felt like a fish out of water. There were 3 married couples and the joker in the pack of cards - me!!
I thought how she'd adjust to the lifestyle I lead. Maybe it's not fair to ask her to do all the adapting around here. I would need to change too. How much am I willing to change? That's the question I need to answer. My life goes through the twists and turns of a complicated dance routine. I have negotiated it till now. But it's not enough that I went it alone till now. Not any longer. Jigyasa has to be in our decisions now.

I understand that our relationship with those close to us is crucial to the success of our lives together. It's not just about me'n'her. There's more to life than that.
There always is!

And that's the group I partied with on Saturday night. 3 Married couples and me.

(L-R) Arjun, Shyamal, Anu, Amrita,Subbu, Priyanka and Chandan.

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