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Saturday Night banter

Sitting at home on a Saturday night - Sunday early morning to be precise. I'm in a dilemma.
it's in such a form that putting my finger on the pulse of it ain't easy.

Here's the situation. I was out all evening with friends - very close ones at that. We did the evening walk, the dinner and the subsequent club scene. 2:30am - i'm home-alone.
But I don't wanna be all lonesome. Something is missing. She's not here in the physical form - but somehow I feel her -more so the lack of her.

The evening came along well. But I felt like a fish out of water. There were 3 married couples and the joker in the pack of cards - me!!
I thought how she'd adjust to the lifestyle I lead. Maybe it's not fair to ask her to do all the adapting around here. I would need to change too. How much am I willing to change? That's the question I need to answer. My life goes through the twists and turns of a complicated dance routine. I have negotiated it till now. But it's not e…


John may have left us for greener pastures at WIPRO.

Here's a small tribute to the Man he used to be - at least at Lionbridge

Sleeping John
Weeping John
Comfy John

John - doing the dishes
And finally - one that's just him!!!

Deciding the KRAs

We finally got to have an Offsite Meeting, albeit the venue was my House rather than the plush confines of a resort. Kinda better it happened this way. We'd been discussing the issue of brainstorming and attempting to set things right. Vikram finally sent out the email telling everybody -we were gonna leave office at 5PM on a Friday evening and put our heads to work. The aim was to move out of the Transaction oriented system we were following and move to a newer Project Management system. We gathered at the venue by 7 PM and work started. Calls happened as we started getting some structure into place. The work is not complete - but the first step has been taken - in the right direction!!!!! The Attendees were Vikram, Raghu, Venu, Suresh and yours truly. We really missed John at this meeting. He'd been the one clamouring for an offsite conclave for 5 months. Now we had to have it without his brains to pick. That's a loss we'll live with - I guess. Post Work Discussion (L-R)…