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It's like the title says...

A Fare thee well to Mallik

Friend , Bed partner, colleague - lotsa roles filled up by this guy.
.. and before anyone thinks otherwise... he stayed with me for a month.. and I have a double bed !!!

He's been with our PM Team at Lionbridge since April - and it's sad to see him to go.
I'm happy that he'll be happy - being back in Hyderabad - doing something he'd like.

Cheers!!!! To Malliks future

Jags'n'me - all smiles

So it's time to clap your hands and say arrivederci


Nice pics. You did not post the pic in which I was sipping beer. I want to show that to my mom. :)


Request you to please update this blog soon. I feel like I'm missing my daily newspaper.

Please write!
Thanks! :)

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