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Showing posts from September, 2005

Turning 28

I'm 28 - actually completed it today.

I turn 28 and Tina - my sis turns 25. We're not twins - not even close, but all the same we share a birthday. Here are some pics from our Birthday party

That's Tina and Me. My -Shirt is all dowsed in Wine, poured in celebration.

The bottle does a Jig

Cleaving the cake

Why are you so serious? Are we missing something? No - we're too busy on the leg

John - doing what he does best

No more pics - the party hasn't even started.

Wine coolers - straight from the top!!!

A Fare thee well to Mallik

Friend , Bed partner, colleague - lotsa roles filled up by this guy.
.. and before anyone thinks otherwise... he stayed with me for a month.. and I have a double bed !!!

He's been with our PM Team at Lionbridge since April - and it's sad to see him to go.
I'm happy that he'll be happy - being back in Hyderabad - doing something he'd like.

Cheers!!!! To Malliks futureJags'n'me - all smiles

So it's time to clap your hands and say arrivederci