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Partying in Delhi

I finally made it home.

Told my boss that I needed a break before I broke.
So I got a Friday & the weekend off (finally..)
I hauled myself down to Delhi using our nation's national carrier and decided to cut loose.
My social circle in Delhi is limited to a fwe friends of yesteryears. All happily married folks - unable to venture out of the coccoon they call home.
So I turned to my sister Tina for help. She has plenty of friends and I accompanied them on their Friday night jaunt
We first went bowling and pool at ESSEX FARMS followed by some serious dancin'n'drinkin at BUZZ.
Interesting people they are, some more than the others.

Partying the night away - (R-L) DB, Namita, Tina and me

Hold on..tight!!!

Tina giving it her best shot


nainsafi hai, itnehi photo's??

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