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The OCA bash 05

..not a bashing type of bash - but rather the Old Campionites Association yearly party hosted by the alma mater on Friday the 4th... not the 13th!!

I was apprehensive, at first - but then I met the teachers. The same faces who'd seen my apprehension as a child. The same people who'd helped me grow, had played their part is building the foundation of where I am today.

I owe these ladies and gentlemen a lot.

Only a few were present - Mrs. Creado (English), Mr Gomes (phys - chem) , Mr Figuiredo (computers), Mr Panjabi (librarian) and Mr.Marzarello (Sports). I wasn't into sports back at Campion - but the acads people definitely remembered me... unbelievable after 12 years.
They said I hadn't changed - except for the hair on the head. The voice and the mannerisms remained. All of a sudden the memories came rushing back. I kept hoping that Ms.Athaide would make an entrance - but sadly that didn't happen :-( .
She was the cynosure of all eyes back in school days and I remember the crazy things we did to attract her attention back then.

There were people from most batches - except the early 40s probably. Our batch of 93 was represented by Subir, Kersi, Bikram Chopra, Saurav Chowdhury, Francis Couto and yours truly. Subir and Kersi represented the married category and had their better halves in tow.

It was a great place to network and so we did. Lots of guys we recognized by face - now we started to put names to them as well. The food was good and the drinks were better. I had to keep in mind that I had to travel back by train. So the intake was much lower than usual. :-)

The crowning moment of the evening - 200 youngsters, middle aged, elderly and grandaddies singing the School anthem. WOW !

All in all a great evening!

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