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Happy Women's Day

8th of March - International Women's day.

Actually, I believe we need an International Men's day.. the way things are going!!
I did send in my wishes on this day and received numerous replies.
Ranjini probabaly echoed my sentiments best -" Thank you. Hope our kind treats you well this year."
Yes, I certainly hope so.

I respect most women.
I like a lot of women.

I loved and continued to love a few women.
I love them for their intelligence, their warmth & care, their attention to detail.
I love the way they walk.. the way they talk , and the way they make my heart flutter when they look into my eyes.
I love the way they care.. like lovers, like friends, like mothers and the way they're always there to take care of my pain.

I love doing things for them.
Holding them when they need support.
Sitting and watching the stars on a mooonlit night with her arms around me...

oh stop it arjun... it's only wishful thinking


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