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AIDS ENTRIES- The lazy thursday contest

So, to AID YOU - come along, read the 'AIDS Flash', and then ….. share YOUR OWN * unique * strain of the AIDS virus.
Let's have some deshi ones too.

Here's a gentle eAID:

- to create kleenAIDS
- leave out 'colorfulAIDS'

Go on ……………………….SPREAD AIDS !!!!!
AID me in making this contest infectious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you get it by jamming up with oranges in a jar, you’ve got MARMALAID.

Brenda Fernandes

Washing it with RIN keeps you SAFAIDS

Arjun Mahajan

If you get it from MS , it is JOBAIDS

People with the pink slip go UNPAIDS

People going to heaven always wish they’d got it and gone to HAIDS

Doing it near the forest keeps you in the GLAIDS

Fat people have been getting it from MARMALAIDS

If you cut yourself getting it, it’s called BLAIDS

Sitting on the dock gives you PROMENAIDS

Going on the Holy Wars gives you the CRUSAIDS

Weathermen always have CENTIGRAIDS

If you catch it from Michael Jackson, it’s ADOLESCAIDS.

Lakshmy Nair

If you’ve been infected by a dog bite, they call it RABAIDS.

If you are infected by a syringe, it’s INJECTAIDS.

If you catch it from Abdul Karim Telgi, it’s STAMPAIDS.

If you get it from a blood transfusion, it’s TRANSFERAIDS.

If you are infected by the Internet, it’s CYBERAIDS.

"If you got it from the sea and you don't want to get cured then... it’s MERMAIDS!!"

Uttam Shukla

If you get it from a ceremonial procession, it’s called CAVALCAIDS

Bonsy Shah

If u catch it while fishing for someone, it's gotta be MERMAIDS

Shaju John

If it's spread while travelling in mumbai local, it's called MUMAIDS

Anil J Menon

If you catch it while eating chaat in a street corner, it's CHAATAIDS

If it's spread while chatting on net, it's called NETAIDS

If it's spread while playing HOLI, it's called RUNGAIDS

If u catch it by working in Microsoft……..u’ve got BILL GAIDS

Sahil Nagdeve

If u eat a lot of dairy products……. u get milkmAIDS

If u play too much with fire, u get FIRE BRIGAIDS

No AIDS with lesser the MAIDS you AID(ES)

Moses John Wesley

If you get it from Bihar, you have got LALOO PRASAD YADAV

Renny Abraham

If you get it from beautiful women swimming in the sea, you probably got MERMAIDS.

If you get it from a spider bite, you have contracted ARACHNAIDS.

If you get it from your lawyers, you have contracted LEGAL AIDS.

If you get it from English Jam, you have got MARMALAIDS.

If you get it from a camera, you’ve got POLARAIDS.

If you catch it in Russia, then you have COMRAIDS.

Kuldip Gandhi

If you get it from food made at home, it is known as HOMEMAIDS.

Pratichi Gupta

If you get it from an Advisor it is called AIDSVIRUS.

Denzil Dmello

If you get it from a terrorist, it ought to be a GREN-AID

Ria Roy

If you are in India and it's all about time, then you've got the DEL-AID!

If you caught it at sea, it’s a MERM-AID

If you got it for college, then it most definitely is FINANCIAL-AID $$$

If you get it from LIONBRIDGE, it gotta be a JOB-AID!

If you haven’t got enough of it, it must be an ACCOL-AID

If you aren’t all sweet, you must be a TIR-AID

If you got it in a motor, it’s called a MOTORC-AID

If you eat it every morning, you’ve got the BR-AID

If you got it at Orange, you caught the PRE-PAID!

If you are surrounded by beautiful women in the ocean, it’s called MERMAIDS.

Anuradha Ananth

If u hang colourfull clothes in sun it fAIDs.

Meenakshi Phene

If u don’t oil your hair properly u won’t get long brAIDS.

When J & J Baby oil catches it, it is BAN(NE)D-AIDS.

Narendra Singhal

If you get bitten by a mad dog it’s called RABB

Amita Pai

If you get it from (Wathching Sachin in)too many ADIDAS commercials, its called AIDSidas

Abhishek Jain

In case you go underwater and catch LOVEria its gotto be mermAIDS

Pradeep Somanathan


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