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Today is Soumyas engagement

Soumya is tying the knot...
She's a lucky girl - gets to marry the guy she loves.

She's also my best friend.
But today I'm not there by her side - wishing her all the best for her future with Mahesh.

We men are also a vrey possessive lot. That's why boyfriends hate it when their lady love has another male friend. Especially whom she trusts a lot.

Let me tell you a story.
I met Soumya on the first day at B-School.

We became good friends. Apart from common interests such as reading and music, we are also both Virgos.
She would confide in me and I in her. So despite the fact that we went around with separate people - we were best friends.
I remember that day - Valentines Day of 2002. We were bith single at that time - me because I had just broken up with Shilpa and She because she still hadn't started going around with Mahesh. I was to leave for Delhi for conducting the Interviews for the next batch of B-School aspirants ; the accounts terminal paper ended and I came home to pack.
She came in after a while and then she wept. She had had an argument with somebody at college
I held her close and felt her tears on my shoulder. .
We both comforted each other, taking solace in the fact that friends were better than lovers. They were safer, more understanding and you could say things to them without fear.

(L-R) Ranjini, Madhuri, Soumya, Puja, Sudeshna
These 5 were my close friends at Symbiosis

Then we entered the second year. Mahesh entered her life. They did well together.
She was still an integral part of our group - he wasn't.
She could still cry on my shoulders and I on her. But then, divided attention - doesn't work for many of us. So she began to cut off slowly from us. The Photograph above was the last one we all had as a group. This was during our farewell party in March 2003.

We still remained in contact, albeit losing touch.
Then came the phase when she'd not take my calls, not answer the SMS'. One day I managed to get her on the phone and gave her a piece of my mind. But she made pieces of my mind and told me that for the sake of her relationship with him - she'd have to cut short our friendship. It hurt- more than any breakup I'd gone through.
Why do we males have so much insecurity about the people we love ?
Why can't two individuals share a platonic friendship?
So what if they're from opposite sexes.

I have talked to her on a few occassions after that - only because she didn't have mu telephone number and so didn't know the caller ID on her mobile phone. This friendship is dead.

So when I called up Madhuri, and she told me she was at Soumyas engagement - why does it hurt?
The answer is simple - its difficult to kill friendship.

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