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TGIF.... I say to those around me....
"Yeah..but you're making us work Saturday too", is the not so muted reply.

Heads hanging down - I can see it across the teams.
I hate myself for it. Should have planned better - they should have produced better.
In any case..we are all in ON Saturday

"How well we respond as a team, depends on how well the team responds to me"
This is an important mantra when managing teams and I seem to be getting into the groove with it.
I'm currently heading 4 teams across differenct sectors of the Microsoft Universe.
There are teams working on IIS , on the Burton - VSTS , Exchange Server issues and of course the Office Online Video Creation.
We're developing ILTs (instructor led trainings) for the first 3 and the last one has a self explanatory name.

By now, most executives have accepted that emotional intelligence is as, if not more critical than IQ. This is with regards the individuals effectiveness. I believe (and so do many others) that EQ can be applied on the team perspective too. EQ is no longer an individual competency - my team is affected by my behaviour. So we are all responsible for EQ.

More in the next post

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