Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Sunday working...

Guess what.. i actually went guzzling beer on Saturday.
My Fav spot - Mondegars (mondys) in Colaba.
The music .. the crowd.. the Pitcher and Me.. what a combo!!!

Oh well.. in any case - here I am on a Sunday evening, in my lil cubicle.. in office
Checking emails, waiting for emails from a few females.. and some males too.

I did conduct a small SMS question answer session yesterday, while I guzzled.

Q: What would you like to do on an ideal weekend?
Sample size :40 sms' were sent. Most people - disgregarded it, but some went ahead and responded.
Here are the responses (with Names)

Madhuri Bogawat
Ideal weekend? wat is tat...
just a switch from office work to house work
Ideally, it should be just lazying around doin nothin

Sudeshna Mazumdar
Stay home and sleep:-)
its become so rare

Anupama Lopes
At a beach resort in self imposed exile :-)

Harpreet Randhawa
Chill out and shop and then est...he..he

Who is this???

Kunal Rao
Huh? What prompted that?
i'm in Jaipur

Kapil Kathuria
I'm in fact doing work

Jatin Mahajan

Rinku Mahajan
I have very exciting weekends. Too busy no time for husband

Sarbani Bose
Just slog... for nothing.

The Verdict is partying is Passe.. Lazying it out is IN


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