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More Memoirs - just a few snaps

On our way back from the Nawal Weeraytan Camp - 10th Nov 02
Ranjini has struck up her most famous Pose.
Abhishek is quite serious in the foreground.
Atul looking quite sophisticated in his shades
Me in cream jacket and cap.. speechless at her pose!!!
CP in Red.... where are the Bulls???
Harpreet on my head..!!!

Our trip to the lake and back. - 9th Nov 02.
Manmeet in Black
Ranjini is in a very sombre pose here
Shilpa is right next to me
The only guy with a cap - me
Debashish in Grey and Black
Abhishek - between Shilpa and Ranjini.
Amit - Trying his luck with Priya
Achal - right extreme
The Lakeside view..! The 3rd day of the was decided to go for a hike..a trek if you may please at 6AM. The students were ready on time. The guide was late. You can say - we went down a mountain ..touched a pole and climbed back up the mountain. The only acheivement of the day was a 95 pairs of tired limbs

Hemant's hands reach out towards Pallavi as Pandian, Sachin and Rajat look up to the heavens
He held on to those hands for a long long time thereafter - boyfriend not withstanding.

V for Victory... so the sign says.
Ladies Shilpa, Ms.Ghatge,Sonali
Guys Amit, myself, Arshad,Namit Pandian,Sourav, Achal

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