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It's interesting.. how time flies

This was taken in the first week of Business School.
All new individuals, gathered for an Ice Breaking Session
Standing(L-R) Alok , Parth, Manmeet, Natasha, Sudeshna, Zeba, Monalisa, Aanchal.
On Knees(L-R) Debashish, Myself, Sunita
Sunita and Zeba... left in a few days - but the rest persevered.
We passed out from the Symbiosis Institute of International Business in the year of our lord 2003.

We were divided into 3 groups of 30 members(approx) strength and had to present our Talents... either individually or in groups.

What I find interesting in retrospect was the fact that everyone was open to new relationships... we all had to make friends then... and in most cases... bonds established at that point of time.. stayed true.

I remember the Mission statement at college
" To Reinforce the Wealth Generation efforts of the Nation
by Transforming young Graduates
into Socially Conscious, Responsible, Healthy
and Contemporary Managers for the Global Community."

Wonder how many of us(me included) followed the 3rd Line seriously.


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