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Campion Days - Class 10A
Batch of 1993
Sitting (L-R) Siddharth Rastogi , Shabbar Tambhawalla, Ashish Gupta, Ian Pinto, Jogesh Lulla, Kumarmangalam Bagrodia
Standing Row 1 (L-R) Varun Rai, Rahul Guha, Nitin Kagzi, Raunak Shah, Amit Kumar, Dhananjay Pratap, Harshwardhan Bhuwalka, Anshul Pathania, Ashish Bhiwandikar, xxx
Standing Row 2 (L-R) xxx, Karthik Ganeshan, Raghav Ramdev, Sachin Ranganathan, Karthik Deora, Vishal Rao, Pavit Chaddha , Arjun - yep thats me
Standing Row 3 (L-R) Kush Mehta, Anand Dhuldhoya, Meherwan Joshi, Anant Bajaj, Gurpal Dhingra, Burjis Cursetji, Marzee Devichand.
So I guess I got all the names, but 2. Not bad - 12 year s after passing out of school and not having been in contact with most of the people in this snap.
I Spent 9 years at Campion. All the formative years were spent here, and we did form up well at the end of it. Today, people say that the Campionites are quite snooty and snobbish. Never really felt it at that point of time.
We had a mixed crowd and more than 70% of us had spent 6 years or more together. There was Anant Bajaj from the famous family bearing that name. He was one of the most down to earth guys around.
There was Karthik, scion of the Deora clan - no attitude problem there either.
The others a mix of the Super rich , upper middle and service classes. Oh there were a few rotten apples around - but on the whole, snootiness was an external trait
Maybe later batches may have changed things - but for me, for US, the batch of 93 - Campion was home.
Will talk about our Teachers in the next post.

hey.... well you dont know me but I know one person from this picture. well let me check with him and i will ask him to visit your blog... I am certain you will be happy to get in touch with your 1993 - class family member!

Thanks Binita...
I will look forward to it

please visit your web site:

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