Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

The Marriage Bandwagon

I'm 27...!!
still single...


But then again - I'm in minority.
Sitting in the opposition are a host of Successful marriages.
Lets start with the one that got me going - Mom and Dad. Been through thick and thin for the last 29 years.

Thats them on their 25th Anniversary
They are the ones I Look upto.

Now - from the engineering class of 99.
We were a group of 8.
6 have succumbed to pressures - internal and external.
Arul and me are the only ones left.

The MBA class of 03.
Well.. it does warm my heart to see so many college sweethearts tying the knot.
First there was Raghu - Sonali, then there was Vikas - Anjali, Prateek - Neha, Debashish-Deepa. I'm still hopefule for a few more.
Really glad that these realtionships acheieved what they set out to.
Lotsa others have since tied the knot, or are in the process of doing so. Bets of luck to them I say.

I went wrong somewhere...
Had my chances and I blew 'em. I'm sure many women around, found me disappointing in the Everlasting commitment sector of life.
Anyways, that's life.

What I'm getting to here, is that we can and should wait for life to take it's own turns. Hunting for a life partner - is it worth it?? Now, my folks are also in search mode. - for Tina and me (oh Tina is my lil sis)
To make them feel better - I started searching on my own too.. put up my profile on a few matrimonial websites. As of now - I had 553 hits on my profile - but I feel odd when I respond to messages.

My process :
Me Meet girl
We become friends
We fall in love
Evaluate situation
Decide to tie knot
Seek blessings.
Tie knot.
Walk into sunset...

Proposed Process
Me Meet girl
Evaluate situation
Decide to tie knot
Seek blessings.
Tie knot.
Walk into sunset...( would this step happen.. dunno)
We become friends
We fall in love

Comments anyone?????
The bandwagon shall roll on tomorrow...



You bugger. Chances are you won't be the last one to hold out.
And besides, it depends on which sample set you choose. We are 1 out of 4.


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