Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

I took a Wednesday thursday is painful.

More than taking it off.... I was actually switched OFF on wednesday.
Left office at 3AM and crashed... with the lights on.

Called in at 12:30 PM... said I'd make it.... but the situatiion worsened and I couldn't even get out of bed. So I slept again.. lights are still ON....
Awoke to the sound of a Phone Call.. it was Mohua.. asking if all was well!!!
Well... no i was not well...!
I missed a few subsequent calls... Andy forgave me when he heard my sorry explanation

In any case... i went for the 36 hr period without food.... dog tired... aching bones etc
Came into office and found 75 emails (some in Bold font) on my desk... not their fault. Nobody was aware that I wasn't IN yesterday.

I read my horoscope in the morning... supposed to be a good day today... still a supposition, anyhow.

Now I'm on a call with my boss in the US.. She is a very understanding lady. Lydia really knows how to appreciate hard work and dedication. Makes it a real pleasure to work for her.

Its 11PM here. I'm still at my seat. Jagadish, my Instructional Designer is also with me. We're up waiting for the Video Production team to complete their Sync Process... and then he gets a grab at it.
I really like this pic.. it reminds me of an age of innocence. An age.. when the spirit was free and life was free of the mundane. Each day was a new adventure, when there were new friends to be made. No prejudices existed. Life was like a fresh flower blooming each morning. Eating dad's cooking from mom's hands. Playing with the pets and being totally carefree... Oh how I miss those days!!!


I really like the way you blog, especially this add more pics, looks interesting :)

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