Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Half the week is over....

The eternal Optimist.
Halfway through Wednesday....

That's half the official week gone... (I may have to do a working weekend.. but I never factor that into my calculations).
So we're half done!! :-)

Got in at noon - rushed onto a Conference call with Lydia, Russel, Andy, Jags, Brenda, Parijat.... and the rest of the gang. 45 minutes used up... and we're still aimless

The Video Creation project is an impenetrable jumble of poorly organized data with cryptic labels to boot. In layman terms - holy crap!!!

I have a busy day planned ahead.. con calls starting at 8:30 PM till midnight.
The IIS 6.0 project is coming along fine.. Burton(VSTS) is driving us up the wall... MOM 2005 is almost done....SMSg is a wait'n'watch now. Paul should be responding today.

I have picked up this book on Warships... from 1860 to the present day - Interesting read... more like a category wise explanation.. even has some of our Naval ships in it !!!
Think I'll make another blog on Warships.

Lonleiness is catching up... don't like going home any more
I thought I'd be fine esp since I read this article of Single 'uns like me - being go getters and not relying on the group phenomena for films, clubbing etc.
Thought it made sense at that point of time. Now I feel otherwise.

Am planning to go for the Mark Knopfler concert when it happens in Mumbai. I'm not an extreme DS fan, but I like their rhythm and think it makes sense to go for it. Opportunities don't come all the time.

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