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Group EQ

This is something we started discussing in the last post.
So lets go on...

No one would dispute the fact that we need to be good team workers to succeed in the present day and age. It is thus, of primary importance that we get the teams to work more effectively.
I believe that the real source of a Teams success lies in addressing base level issues.
These base level issues - 3 in number are essential to a groups effectiveness
  1. Trust among the members,
  2. a sense of group identity, and
  3. a feeling of group efficacy.
When these conditions are absent, going through the motions of cooperating and participating is still possible. But the team will not be as effective as it could be, because members will choose to hold back rather than fully engage.
So what behaviour do EQ teams employ to build the environment that makes them so effective?
Emotionally Intelligent teams:

-> build awareness and regulate feelings

Like high EQ individuals, high EQ teams develop ways to uncover what people are really thinking, feeling; they also regulate the expression of feelings so they are conveyed in a positive not destructive way.

-> recognise that feelings must be managed at three levels
a key difference between individual and team EQ behaviours is that teams have to be mindful of the feelings of a wider range of people including:

team members

the team as a whole

people outside team boundaries in organisation

Emotionally intelligent teams therefore create awareness and regulate feelings at all three levels of interaction, because failure to do so at any level can result in dysfunction and damage performance.


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