Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

B-School people!!

Twisting... turning.. meandering..crashing... but always rising!!!
That's my life in a nutshell.

Well I spent 2 yrs at Biz School.
Lotsa interesting folks there.
A few individuals caught my attention for myriad reasons (not all logical).
They would have plenty to say about me. I look forward to their comments.

Amit :
Parth : never left a job unfinished
Manu : great organizer
Sudheshna : very laid back.. chilled out life
Jayant : play now... worry later
Vineet : most balanced person I knew.
Puja : worries too much
Ranjini : afflicted with animals
Sharad : old man new tricks..
Shilpa : Perfectly imperfect (or vice - versa)
Abhishek : very very punju
Alok Mishra : keeping ahead of the times.. He was the only married person amongst us.
Priya : bombs away.. hit on target(me)... but I was the wrong target
Arshad : Cassanova.. he was the actual target!! :-)
Prateem : bindaas.. he's actually a country manager now...
Aditi : big eyes. determined to succeed.....always
Sonit : Always in Tension
Anuj : Quantitative Genius
Debashish : Stick to the rulebook
Ashutosh : devious.. and calculating
Sonali : Brainwave
Raghu: mamu....
Ruby : Sweet Talker..
Nikhil : Wished he was Vivek Oberoi... that way he could get Antra Mali
Ashok : Forthright and Frank
Pandian : Great on wacky ideas..
Hemendra : tom boy
Shitij : chillax...
Amit Bora : Style bhai - esp : the hare rama kurta he wore for the presentation
Nishit : Chaandni Bar
Ashish Agrawal : Changu
Salil : no Comments

whew.. it's not easy to get the thoughts into place everytime... will keep updating this one
I might even change a few to ensure that sensibilities can be rehablitated


nice work dude!!!

U missed out some good characters!!

and amit gupta shud be : stock exchange;-)

i think u shud write abt everybody and if u need any help.u cna count on me:-)

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