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More Memoirs - just a few snaps

On our way back from the Nawal Weeraytan Camp - 10th Nov 02
Ranjini has struck up her most famous Pose.
Abhishek is quite serious in the foreground.
Atul looking quite sophisticated in his shades
Me in cream jacket and cap.. speechless at her pose!!!
CP in Red.... where are the Bulls???
Harpreet on my head..!!!

Our trip to the lake and back. - 9th Nov 02.
Manmeet in Black
Ranjini is in a very sombre pose here
Shilpa is right next to me
The only guy with a cap - me
Debashish in Grey and Black
Abhishek - between Shilpa and Ranjini.
Amit - Trying his luck with Priya
Achal - right extreme
The Lakeside view..! The 3rd day of the was decided to go for a hike..a trek if you may please at 6AM. The students were ready on time. The guide was late. You can say - we went down a mountain ..touched a pole and climbed back up the mountain. The only acheivement of the day was a 95 pairs of tired limbs

Hemant's hands reach out towards Pallavi as Pandian, Sachin and Rajat look up to the heavens
He held o…

catching the eye...

Have you ever wanted to catch someones eye...?
To be noticed as you talk and walk...!
To be be engrossed... but still be noticed..

Dunno about you , but I sure would like to catch the eye.
Especially that special someone.

Now who's this special someone?

She's a pretty lady at work.
Looks good, talks better, and really smart.
Helps me out several times in the day - but again to her - I'm just a PM.
Also, I'm aware of others who would like to hold her in their arms...
That isn't normally a problem..until now!!

Group EQ

This is something we started discussing in the last post.
So lets go on...

No one would dispute the fact that we need to be good team workers to succeed in the present day and age. It is thus, of primary importance that we get the teams to work more effectively. I believe that the real source of a Teams success lies in addressing base level issues. These base level issues - 3 in number are essential to a groups effectiveness Trust among the members, a sense of group identity, and a feeling of group efficacy. When these conditions are absent, going through the motions of cooperating and participating is still possible. But the team will not be as effective as it could be, because members will choose to hold back rather than fully engage. So what behaviour do EQ teams employ to build the environment that makes them so effective? Emotionally Intelligent teams: -> build awareness and regulate feelingsLike high EQ individuals, high EQ teams develop ways to uncover what people are really thinkin…


TGIF.... I say to those around me....
"Yeah..but you're making us work Saturday too", is the not so muted reply.

Heads hanging down - I can see it across the teams.
I hate myself for it. Should have planned better - they should have produced better.
In any case..we are all in ON Saturday

"How well we respond as a team, depends on how well the team responds to me"
This is an important mantra when managing teams and I seem to be getting into the groove with it.
I'm currently heading 4 teams across differenct sectors of the Microsoft Universe.
There are teams working on IIS , on the Burton - VSTS , Exchange Server issues and of course the Office Online Video Creation.
We're developing ILTs (instructor led trainings) for the first 3 and the last one has a self explanatory name.

By now, most executives have accepted that emotional intelligence is as, if not more critical than IQ. This is with regards the individuals effectiveness. I believe (and so do many others) th…

Half the week is over....

The eternal Optimist.
Halfway through Wednesday....

That's half the official week gone... (I may have to do a working weekend.. but I never factor that into my calculations).
So we're half done!! :-)

Got in at noon - rushed onto a Conference call with Lydia, Russel, Andy, Jags, Brenda, Parijat.... and the rest of the gang. 45 minutes used up... and we're still aimless

The Video Creation project is an impenetrable jumble of poorly organized data with cryptic labels to boot. In layman terms - holy crap!!!

I have a busy day planned ahead.. con calls starting at 8:30 PM till midnight.
The IIS 6.0 project is coming along fine.. Burton(VSTS) is driving us up the wall... MOM 2005 is almost done....SMSg is a wait'n'watch now. Paul should be responding today.

I have picked up this book on Warships... from 1860 to the present day - Interesting read... more like a category wise explanation.. even has some of our Naval ships in it !!!
Think I'll make another blog on Warships.


Valentine Monday

Valentines day on a monday... hmm.. quite interesting.
But I'm actually happy its a monday. That way when I'm in office with my workload - i won't let my mind flitter away on to the mushy parts of life.

It's now 11PM at night.
Am still in office. Wondering when I'll be able to leave.
Not too soon though.
We have a video delivery to Microsoft. Krista will eat off my head, if we miss this one.
Today also happens to be my boss' wedding anniversary. Good luck to her I say..!!!

At this rate I'm gonna stay single for quite awhile.
I got pretty nostalgic today and emailed several groups, several old and memorable snaps.
The replies were encouraging. Some people remember.Warms my heart

Today is Soumyas engagement

Soumya is tying the knot...
She's a lucky girl - gets to marry the guy she loves.

She's also my best friend.
But today I'm not there by her side - wishing her all the best for her future with Mahesh.

We men are also a vrey possessive lot. That's why boyfriends hate it when their lady love has another male friend. Especially whom she trusts a lot.

Let me tell you a story.
I met Soumya on the first day at B-School.

We became good friends. Apart from common interests such as reading and music, we are also both Virgos.
She would confide in me and I in her. So despite the fact that we went around with separate people - we were best friends.
I remember that day - Valentines Day of 2002. We were bith single at that time - me because I had just broken up with Shilpa and She because she still hadn't started going around with Mahesh. I was to leave for Delhi for conducting the Interviews for the next batch of B-School aspirants ; the accounts terminal paper ended and I came home to p…

Memoirs Again...

Campion Days - Class 10A
Batch of 1993 Sitting (L-R) Siddharth Rastogi , Shabbar Tambhawalla, Ashish Gupta, Ian Pinto, Jogesh Lulla, Kumarmangalam Bagrodia Standing Row 1 (L-R) Varun Rai, Rahul Guha, Nitin Kagzi, Raunak Shah, Amit Kumar, Dhananjay Pratap, Harshwardhan Bhuwalka, Anshul Pathania, Ashish Bhiwandikar, xxx Standing Row 2 (L-R) xxx, Karthik Ganeshan, Raghav Ramdev, Sachin Ranganathan, Karthik Deora, Vishal Rao, Pavit Chaddha , Arjun - yep thats me Standing Row 3 (L-R) Kush Mehta, Anand Dhuldhoya, Meherwan Joshi, Anant Bajaj, Gurpal Dhingra, Burjis Cursetji, Marzee Devichand. So I guess I got all the names, but 2. Not bad - 12 year s after passing out of school and not having been in contact with most of the people in this snap. I Spent 9 years at Campion. All the formative years were spent here, and we did form up well at the end of it. Today, people say that the Campionites are quite snooty and snobbish. Never really felt it at that point of time. We had a mixed crowd and more …

I took a Wednesday thursday is painful.

More than taking it off.... I was actually switched OFF on wednesday.
Left office at 3AM and crashed... with the lights on.

Called in at 12:30 PM... said I'd make it.... but the situatiion worsened and I couldn't even get out of bed. So I slept again.. lights are still ON....
Awoke to the sound of a Phone Call.. it was Mohua.. asking if all was well!!!
Well... no i was not well...!
I missed a few subsequent calls... Andy forgave me when he heard my sorry explanation

In any case... i went for the 36 hr period without food.... dog tired... aching bones etc
Came into office and found 75 emails (some in Bold font) on my desk... not their fault. Nobody was aware that I wasn't IN yesterday.

I read my horoscope in the morning... supposed to be a good day today... still a supposition, anyhow.

Now I'm on a call with my boss in the US.. She is a very understanding lady. Lydia really knows how to appreciate hard work and dedication. Makes it a real pleasure to work for her.

Its 1…

This Week is not gonna be good

Tuesday morning... shit has hit the fan!!! :-(
Not the best way to start the day.

I had spilt milk all over my floor...
Then Andy called and told me how we missed a bug fix - oops

Reached office - checked my email- and voila, what have we here!!!
Lots of emails - client questions , boss' stinkers, team gyaan..
Where do I start? Frankly, I'm at a loss today - It's like I wish I were in Limbo(actually I am).
Called up Steve - he won't let me call up Jason - better luck here, maybe!!
No Luck... they're all out of contact.. . Won't be long before I go BOOM!!!

I have another 14-15 hour workday today. This is getting on my nerves now.
I have been hanging in there for sometime now. LG gave me more tension than this.....
Now I'm gonna go through my mood swings... and then the fun shall begin.

It's noon... i need a break...vacation....whatever

Quote Unquote

Here are some comments I came across on a site... need to start applying these more diligently going forward.

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity;
and I'm not sure about the universe
(applies to lots of people I meet on a regular basis - at work, at play, go wherever I may)
The distinction between the past, present and future is only a
stubbornly persistent illusion
(some people refuse to grow up... this ain't college anymore. Nor is this a mom-pop operation we're running here. Lets get professional dudes.)

Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat
you with experience
(ever try arguing with those at a senior post in Age, profession - and supposed maturity)I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow's not looking good either(all my clients beware!!!)Needing someone is like needing a parachute. If he isn't there the first time you need him, chances are you won't be needing him again.(for all…

B-School people!!

Twisting... turning.. meandering..crashing... but always rising!!!
That's my life in a nutshell.

Well I spent 2 yrs at Biz School.
Lotsa interesting folks there.
A few individuals caught my attention for myriad reasons (not all logical).
They would have plenty to say about me. I look forward to their comments.

Amit :
Parth : never left a job unfinished
Manu : great organizer
Sudheshna : very laid back.. chilled out life
Jayant : play now... worry later
Vineet : most balanced person I knew.
Puja : worries too much
Ranjini : afflicted with animals
Sharad : old man new tricks..
Shilpa : Perfectly imperfect (or vice - versa)
Abhishek : very very punju
Alok Mishra : keeping ahead of the times.. He was the only married person amongst us.
Priya : bombs away.. hit on target(me)... but I was the wrong target
Arshad : Cassanova.. he was the actual target!! :-)
Prateem : bindaas.. he's actually a country manager now...
Aditi : big eyes. determined to succeed.....always

Manic Monday.....

Our First delivery for the Burton Project...

That's right, this much talked about project has started happening.
We have our first delivery for Unit 2 today.

Reshma, Abhishek, Richard and Steve... all workin together to make it happen.
This is going to be one manic monday.. add to that the COO's visit and you can imagine how things are gonna liven up, this side of the Atlantic.

Andy is gonna lynch me if I don't have that project monitor report ready.. should have it done by noon for a few projects.

Then call up Lydia at 9PM... whew.. have a full day cut out 4 me.

The Marriage Bandwagon

I'm 27...!!
still single...


But then again - I'm in minority.
Sitting in the opposition are a host of Successful marriages.
Lets start with the one that got me going - Mom and Dad. Been through thick and thin for the last 29 years.

Thats them on their 25th Anniversary
They are the ones I Look upto.

Now - from the engineering class of 99.
We were a group of 8.
6 have succumbed to pressures - internal and external.
Arul and me are the only ones left.

The MBA class of 03.
Well.. it does warm my heart to see so many college sweethearts tying the knot.
First there was Raghu - Sonali, then there was Vikas - Anjali, Prateek - Neha, Debashish-Deepa. I'm still hopefule for a few more.
Really glad that these realtionships acheieved what they set out to.
Lotsa others have since tied the knot, or are in the process of doing so. Bets of luck to them I say.

I went wrong somewhere...
Had my chances and I blew 'em. I'm sure many women around, found me disappointing in the…

Sunday working...

Guess what.. i actually went guzzling beer on Saturday.
My Fav spot - Mondegars (mondys) in Colaba.
The music .. the crowd.. the Pitcher and Me.. what a combo!!!

Oh well.. in any case - here I am on a Sunday evening, in my lil cubicle.. in office
Checking emails, waiting for emails from a few females.. and some males too.

I did conduct a small SMS question answer session yesterday, while I guzzled.

Q: What would you like to do on an ideal weekend?
Sample size :40 sms' were sent. Most people - disgregarded it, but some went ahead and responded.
Here are the responses (with Names)

Madhuri Bogawat
Ideal weekend? wat is tat...
just a switch from office work to house work
Ideally, it should be just lazying around doin nothin

Sudeshna Mazumdar
Stay home and sleep:-)
its become so rare

Anupama Lopes
At a beach resort in self imposed exile :-)

Harpreet Randhawa
Chill out and shop and then est...he..he

Who is this???

Kunal Rao
Huh? What prompted that?
i'm in Jaipur

Kapil Kathuria

Memoirs.. i also do these

It's interesting.. how time flies

This was taken in the first week of Business School.
All new individuals, gathered for an Ice Breaking Session
Standing(L-R) Alok , Parth, Manmeet, Natasha, Sudeshna, Zeba, Monalisa, Aanchal.
On Knees(L-R) Debashish, Myself, Sunita
Sunita and Zeba... left in a few days - but the rest persevered.
We passed out from the Symbiosis Institute of International Business in the year of our lord 2003.

We were divided into 3 groups of 30 members(approx) strength and had to present our Talents... either individually or in groups.

What I find interesting in retrospect was the fact that everyone was open to new relationships... we all had to make friends then... and in most cases... bonds established at that point of time.. stayed true.

I remember the Mission statement at college
" To Reinforce the Wealth Generation efforts of the Nation
by Transforming young Graduates
into Socially Conscious, Responsible, Healthy
and Contemporary Managers for the …

First time in...

What do you say.. the first page on a diary?

Sitting in office on a Saturday afternoon.. (i should've been home.. or at the club guzzling beer)
But here I am, reading my emails, wondering how to get my meandering unsocial lifestyle back on track.
Do I have a hope in hades? nope... not as long as I have to call up the US every night at 9.. and sometimes after midnight.
Have I had enough? Definitely not.
Way to go before I think of calling it quits here... oh, did I tell you I work at Lionbridge handling Projects as a part of their Indian operations.

More Later