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24 hours of war

Saturday, January 01, 2000
Actually it's been over 27 hours now. The end is still nowhere in
sight. The hostage drama is still unfolding and I'm sitting glued to
the tv set.

The blame game has already begun. People call it an intelligence
failure. They question our ability to handle such situations. I ask
them bit one question - could all the technology of the west prevent
9/11 or a 7/7?

I see the funeral pyres of our soldiers being lit. Of the innocent
bystanders caught in the cross fire.

I have been an unofficial student of intelligence warfare for the last
ten years or so. It would have been close to impossible to predict
and forestall this attack unless we had HUMINT in place. That again is
a very tall order here.

India is the number one target for terrorist attacks in the world
today accounting for 10% of global casualties in 2007.

We need to put on a strong front and take the war to the homes and
families of these terrorists. Call it an eye for an eye. I'm willing
to fake a few lives and play my part. This is war.

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